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GEDY, JOHN (fl. 1370), abbot of Arbroath, ‘the worthy abbot of Aberbrothock’ of Southey's ‘Inchcape Bell,’ was in office in 1370 when he entered into an engagement regarding the judge or doomster of the regality. His seal is appended to the act of parliament which regulated the succession to the crown in 1371. The contract between him and the burgesses of Arbroath, dated 2 April 1394, sets forth that, on account of innumerable losses and vexations suffered for want of a port, the abbot and convent shall make and maintain at their expense, in the best situation, a safe harbour for the burgh. The burgesses engage, on the other hand, to clear away the stones and sand, to execute other parts of the work, and to provide a certain portion of the tools required. The burgesses agree to pay to the abbot yearly on the completion of the work three pennies sterling from each rood of land within the burgh in addition to three pennies then paid. The pope's bull conferring on the abbot the privilege of wearing the mitred crown and pontifical vestments was dated 6 July 1396. There is no evidence in the burgh records, or in those of the abbey or elsewhere, that makes any allusion to a bell being placed on the Bell Rock by Gedy or another abbot.

[Chartulary of the Abbey of Arbroath.]

J. G. F.