Gilbert, Nicolas Alain (DNB00)

GILBERT, NICOLAS ALAIN (1762–1821), catholic divine, born at St. Malo in Britanny in 1762, became parish priest of Saint-Pern. During the French revolution he was several times imprisoned, and narrowly escaped with his life. On coming to England he was stationed at Whitby, Yorkshire, where he established a mission. After the restoration of Louis XVIII in 1815 he returned to France, and became noted for his zeal in preaching missions in that country. He attacked with much force the doctrines of the revolution. He died in Touraine on 25 Sept. 1821. His works are:

  1. ‘A Vindication of the Doctrine of the Catholic Church on the Eucharist,’ London, 1800, 12mo.
  2. ‘An Enquiry if the Marks of the True Church are applicable to the Presbyterian Churches,’ Berwick, 1801, 12mo.
  3. ‘The Catholic Doctrine of Baptism proved by Scripture and Tradition,’ Berwick, 1802, 12mo.
  4. ‘A Reply to the False Interpretations that John Wesley has put on Catholic Doctrines,’ Whitby, 1811, 12mo.
  5. ‘The Method of Sanctifying the Sabbath Days at Whitby, Scarborough, &c. With a Paraphrase on some Psalms,’ 2nd edition, prepared by the Rev. George Leo Haydock [q. v.], York, 1824, 12mo.
  6. Many poems and hymns which have not appeared in a collected form.

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T. C.