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Court Documents

United States Supreme Court

394 U.S. 310

Giordano  v.  United States

Carlton Roeser, for petitioner Giordano.

Irving Anolik, for petitioner Scandifia.

Maurice Edelbaum, for petitioner Franzese.

William L. Lynch for petitioner Crabbe.

Raymond A. Brown, for petitioner Matera.

Peter L. F. Sabbatino, for petitioner Potere.

Raymond J. Smith and Morris A. Haft, for petitioner Evans.

Maurice J. Walsh and John Powers Crowley, for petitioner Aiuppa.

Charles A. Bellows, for petitioner Amabile.

Edward Bennett Williams, Harold Ungar, Steven M. Umin and Maurice J. Walsh, for petitioner Battaglia.

Charles Morgan, Jr., Howard Moore, Jr., George Pontikes, Marvin Karpatkin, Melvin L. Wulf and Eleanor H. Norton, for petitioner Clay.

Edward J. Calihan, Jr., John Powers Crowley and Robert S. Bailey, for petitioners Di Pietto and others.

Anthony J. DeMarie, for petitioner Natarelli.

Morris A. Shenker, Joseph A. Fanelli, Jacques M. Schiffer, Cecil D. Branstetter and Daniel B. Maher, for petitioners Hoffa and others.

Clyde W. Woody and Marian S. Rosen, for petitioner Stassi.

Herald Price Fahringer and Frank G. Raichle, for petitioner Randaccio.

Maurice J. Walsh and Morris A. Shenker, for petitioner Hoffa.

George Callaghan, for petitioner Strate.

Richard E. Gorman, for petitioner Burris.

Jacques M. Schiffer, for petitioner Weinblatt.

Harvey M. Silets, for petitioner Kovens.

Frank Ragano, for petitioner Dranow.

Solicitor General Griswold, Assistant Attorney General Vinson, Beatrice Rosenberg, Sidney M. Glazer, Roger A. Pauley, Leonard H. Dickstein, Jerome M. Feit, Theodore George Gilinsky, Paul C. Summitt and Kirby W. Patterson, for the United States.



This work is in the public domain in the United States because it is a work of the United States federal government (see 17 U.S.C. 105).