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GLOVER, BOYER (fl. 1758–1771), Muggletonian, was a watch and clock maker in Leadenhall Street, London. He was a strong Muggletonian, but the notices of him in the records of the sect are very scanty. He acted as a peacemaker, and opposed the issue of the fourth (1760) edition of Reeve and Muggleton's 'Divine Looking-Glass,' containing political passages omitted in the second (1661) and fifth (1846) editions. Glover's spiritual songs are more in number, and rather better in quality, than those of any other Muggletonian writer. His pieces are to be found in 'Songs of Gratefull Praise,' &c., 1794, 12mo (seven by Glover); and 'Divine Songs of the Muggletonians,' &c., 1829, 16mo (forty-nine by Glover, including the previous seven, and one by his wife, Elizabeth Glover). Others are in unprinted manuscript collections.

[Manuscript archives of the London Muggletonians; works cited above.]

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