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GOAD, GEORGE (d. 1671), master at Eton College, a native of Windsor, Berkshire, was younger brother of Thomas Goad (d. 1666) [q. v.] After passing through Eton he was admitted into King's College, Cambridge, in 1620, proceeded M.A. in 1627, and returned to his old school as a master. In 1637 he was chosen senior university proctor (Le Neve, Fasti, ed. Hardy, iii. 623). His college presented him in 1646 to the rectories of Horstead and Coltishall, Norfolk. On 18 Oct. 1648 he was appointed fellow of Eton by the parliamentarians in the place of John Cleaver, who had been ejected. He died on 10 or 16 Oct. 1671. In his will, dated 20 Aug. 1669 (registered in P. C. C. 132, Duke), he mentions his property in Bray and Eton. He left three sons, George, Thomas, and Christopher, and a daughter, Jane. His wife, Jane, had died before him in 1657, at the age of thirty-four. Goad continued the catalogues of the members of the foundation of Eton College from those of Thomas Hatcher and John Scott to 1646, of which Fuller and Wood made considerable use, and which Cole transcribed (cf. Addit. MSS. 5814-17, 5955). He has Latin elegiacs 'in felicem Natalem illustrissimi Principis Ducis Eboracensis' at pp. 40-1 of 'Ducis Eboracensis Fasciæ.'

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