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GODDARD, JOHN (fl. 1645–1671), engraver, one of the earliest English engravers, is known for a few portraits and book illustrations of no great proficiency. He engraved a portrait of Martin Billingsley, the writing master, in 1651, Dr. Bastwick, and one of Dr. Alexander Ross, chaplain to Charles I, in 1654, as frontispiece to Ross's continuation of Raleigh's ‘History of the World.’ He engraved the title-page to W. Austin's translation of Cicero's treatise, ‘Cato Major,’ published in 1671. For Fuller's ‘Pisgah-sight of Palestine,’ published in 1645, Goddard engraved the sheet of armorial bearings at the beginning, and some of the maps, including a ground plan of the Temple of Solomon. A few other plates by him are known, including a rare set of ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ in the Print Room at the British Museum.

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L. C.