Graham, James (1799-1874) (DNB00)

GRAHAM, JAMES, fourth Duke and seventh Marquis of Montrose (1799 –1874), born 16 July 1799, was elder son of James Graham, third duke [q. v.], by his second wife. He was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he graduated M.A. in 1819. As Marquis of Graham he represented Cambridge in parliament from 1825 to 1832, and opposed the Reform Bill. He was created a privy councillor (23 Feb. 1821), and was a commissioner of the India board (4 Feb. 1828-November 1830). He succeeded to the family honours on the death of his father in 1836. Montrose was a tory of the old school, and opposed the free-trade measures of Sir Robert Peel in 1846. He was lord steward of the queen's household during the first Derby administration from 27 Feb. 1852 to 4 Jan. 1853, and, on Lord Derby again taking office in 1858, he was chancellor of the duchy of Lancaster. From July 1866 to December 1868 he was postmaster-general. In this capacity he concluded a postal convention with the United States, India, and China, which considerably reduced the tariff for letters passing between Great Britain and those countries. He also effected improvements in the mail contracts with the East, which were held by the Peninsular and Oriental Company. In the session of 1868 Montrose brought forward in the House of Lords the Electric Telegraphs Bill, which placed the telegraphic communication of the country under the government and in the hands of the post office. Montrose was elected chancellor of the university of Glasgow in 1837, and from 1827 was honorary colonel of the Stirling, Dumbarton, Clackmannan, and Kinross militia. He was also major-general of the royal archers, the queen's bodyguard in Scotland, and was appointed lord-lieutenant of Stirlingshire (28 Feb. 1843). He died at Cannes on 30 Dec. 1874. He married, 15 Oct. 1836, Caroline Agnes, third daughter of John Beresford, second Lord Decies. He was succeeded in the dukedom and estates by his only son, Douglas Beresford Malise Ronald Graham (b. 7 Nov. 1852).

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