Grant, Peter (DNB00)

GRANT, PETER (d. 1784), Scotch abbé, born in the diocese of Moray, was a member of the Grant family of Blairfind in Glenlivat. He entered the Scotch College at Rome in 1726 and returned to Scotland as a priest in 1735. He was sent to the mission of Glengarry, where he remained till 1737, when, upon the murder of the Roman agent, Mr. Stuart, he was appointed to fill that office. He became acquainted with all the British travellers who went to Rome, and rendered them many services. For a long period hardly any British subject of distinction visited Rome without being provided with letters of introduction to the Abbé Grant. Clement XI was very fond of him and meant to raise him to the purple, but died before he was able to carry his intention into effect. Grant died at Rome on 1 Sept. 1784.

[Abbé McPherson's MS. Cat. quoted in Stothert's Catholic Mission in Scotland, pp. 240, 560.]

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