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GREEN, Mrs. ELIZA S. CRAVEN (1803–1866), poetess, née Craven, was born at Leeds in 1803. Her early years were spent in the Isle of Man. Subsequently she lived at Manchester, but she returned to Leeds, where she resided many years. Her first book was 'A Legend of Mona, a Tale, in two Cantos,' Douglas, 1825, 8vo, and her second and last, 'Sea Weeds and Heath Flowers, or Memories of Mona,' Douglas, 1858, 8vo. she was a frequent contributor of poetry and prose sketches to the periodical press. She wrote for the 'Phœnix,' 1828, and the 'Falcon,' 1831, both Manchester magazines; for the 'Oddfellows' Magazine,' 1841 and later; for the 'Leeds Intelligencer, 'Le Follet,' 'Hogg's Instructor,' and 'Chambers's Journal,' and contributed to a volume of poems entitled 'The Festive Wreath,' published at Manchester in 1842. A few years before her death she received a gift from the queen's privy purse. She died at Leeds on 11 March 1866.

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C. W. S.