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Greeting to American Soldiers by the Women of France

To the Men of the American Expeditionary Force:

At the great and historical moment when the American troops are landing on French soil, the Women of France extend to them a heartfelt welcome full of gratitude and admiration.

They wish that every American soldier setting foot on their dear land could hear voiced in one loud jubilating sound all that French hearts feel for those who have crossed the ocean to fight for the Liberty and Freedom of the World.

Tenderly and reverently they welcome the men from America who have come to help them in their hour of direful need. More tenderly and reverently still their voices and hearts cry out to the Women of that distant land, to the Mothers, Wives and Sweethearts who have gladly and proudly given their dear ones, and nobly done their share in the struggle for Right and Justice.

They feel confident that America's mighty effort will help to win the war, the wicked, cruel, unjust war that has caused so many tears to flow, so many hearts to break. They know that the men who fight under the Stars and Stripes will rid France of her foul enemy and take away from the civilized world the menace of a shameful slavery.

The Old world and the New will cling together through fair and stormy weather until the great day of Victory that will bring to the future generations the blessings of Liberty and lasting Peace.

United in the same struggle for the same great ends:
Conquer we must when our cause it is just.
And this be our motto, "In God is our trust."
Long live the United States! Long live France!

Ligue patriotique des Francaises du Havre, July 4, 1918