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WHEREAS, as a result of certain terrorist attacks, the United States and its coalition partners are engaged in armed conflict with al Qaida, an international terrorist organization, and its Taliban supporters; and

WHEREAS, _____________________ was detained as an enemy combatant during such armed conflict:

_______________________ undertakes as conditions for no longer being detained the following:

  • THAT he will not in any way affilliated himself with al Qaida or it Taliban supporters;
  • THAT he will not engage in, assist, or conspire to commit any combatant activities, or set in preparation thereof against the United States or its citizens, or against allies of the United States or citizens of such allies;
  • THAT he will not engage in, assist, or conspire to commit any acts of terrorism or knowingly harbor anyone who does;

FURTHERMORE, ______________________ agrees that if he does not fulfill any of the above stated conditions, he may be detained immediately consistent with the law of armed conflict;

IN CONSIDERATION of these conditions, it is agreed that _______________________ will not further detained by the United States, but should he not fulfill any of these conditions he may again be detained consistent with the law of armed conflict.

The agreement has been read to me and I understand the contents.

Signed this _____ day of ________, 200__

Signature of Detainee to be released
Appropriate U.S. Official
ISN # and Printed Detainee Name