Guide through Carlsbad and its environs/The Natural Sprudel-Salt and "Quellsalz"


This natural salt contains in 100 parts—sulphate of soda, 37.69; chloride of sodium, 0.39; carbonate of soda, 5.99; traces of sulphate of potash, and 55.52 parts of water. It is principally used to increase the purgative action of the mineral waters, for which from one to two drachms of it should be added to the first tumbler; it may also be used independently, or after having taken the waters at Carlsbad in the dose of from one to four drachms daily, dissolved in hot water, and mixed with from two to four tumblersful of soda, selters, or imported Carlsbad water. The price (at Carlsbad) of one pound of the salt is 3 florins (6 Mark = 6 shillings).