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HALDENSTOUN or HADDENSTON, JAMES (d. 1443), prior of St. Andrews, was appointed to the priorate in 1418. He was dean of theology in St. Andrews University. He was one of an embassy from James I to the Roman court in 1425. He did much to beautify the monastery and the cathedral church of St. Andrews, and improve the services, and was zealous against heretics. Pope Martin V granted him the right of wearing the mitre, ring, pastoral staff, and other pontifical insignia in parliament. He died on 18 July 1443, and was interred in the north wall of the lady chapel of the cathedral. He is said to have written a treatise, ‘Contra Lolardos,’ another entitled ‘Processus contra Hæreticos,’ and a third, ‘De Privilegiis Claustri sui,’ but none of these seem now extant.

[Reg. Prioratus S. Andree; Rot. Scotiæ, ii. 253; Dempster's Hist. Eccles. 678; Gordon's Monasticon, i. 83–5, where his epitaph is given.]

J. M. R.