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HALKERSTON, PETER (d. 1833?), Scotch lawyer, received a university education, and took the degree of M.A. He studied law, and became a member of the Society of Solicitors to the Supreme Courts of Scotland. For ten years he acted as one of the examiners of that body, and was their librarian for a still longer period. He also held for some time the office of bailie of the abbey of Holyrood. During his tenure of office he studied the records of the place, and produced in 1831 'A Treatise on the History, Law, and Privilege's of the Palace and Sanctuary of Holyrood House.' Halkerston, who seems to have directed himself rather to the theoretical than the practical side of his profession, received the honorary degree of LL.D., and was also elected an extraordinary member of the Royal Physical Society. His other works were: 1. 'A Compendium or General Abridgment of the Faculty Collection of Decisions of the Lords of Council and Session from Feb. 4 1754 to the Session of 1817,' Edinb. 1819-20. 2. 'A Translation and Explanation of the Technical Terms in Mr. Erskine's Institutes of the Law of Scotland,' Edinb. 1820; 2nd edition, 1829. 3. A Collection of Latin Maxims and Rules in Law and Equity, with an English translation,' Edinb. 1823. 4. 'An Analysis of the Act of Parliament 6 Geo. IV, and the Acts of Sederunt founded thereon,' Edinb. 1827. These acts remodelled the procedure in the court of session. 5. 'A Digest of the Law of Scotland relating to Marriage. Book i.,' Edinb. 1827; new edition, 1831.

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