Haydock, Thomas (DNB00)

HAYDOCK, THOMAS (1772–1859), printer and publisher, second son of George Haydock of the Tagg, Cottam, Lancashire, by his second wife, Anne Cottam, was born on 21 Feb. 1772. He studied for the priesthood in the English Colleges of Douay and Lisbon, and afterwards at Crook Hall, Durham; but his superiors considered that he had no true vocation for the ecclesiastical state. On leaving Crook Hall he opened a school at Manchester, which he eventually gave up in order to start in business as a printer and publisher in the same town. He brought out a large number of catholic works, some of which he himself edited and translated. Many of the productions of his press were excellent specimens of typography. The most important was the handsome edition of the Douay Bible, prepared by his brother, George Leo Haydock [q. v.] He was, however, unfortunate in business, was arrested for debt, and suffered four months' imprisonment. After his release he struggled on in business for many years at Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin, and subsequently kept a school in that city. He removed about 1840 to Liverpool and afterwards to Preston. He died at Preston on 25 Aug. 1859.

[Gillow's Dict. of English Catholics; Cotton's Rhemes and Doway, pp. 83–90.]

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