Henry Ford radio speech I

Henry Ford radio speech I
by Henry Ford

First radio speech, October 19, 1932, appealing for the re-election of U.S. President Herbert Hoover

Mr. Hoover is carrying a greater burden than Abraham Lincoln carried - he is carrying it in a way that places him beside Lincoln in sacrificial service.....

Herbert Hoover is the very embodiment of common sense and reliability ....

I think of him as a human-hearted, honest-minded, hard-working Hoover.

...To the 7,000,000 unemployed and equal number of part-time employed, Hoover gave the solace that his government has avoided 'the opiates of government charity and the stifling of our national spirit of mutual self-help'.

...we had supposed that Lincoln's way would be to feed the hungry. But after all, what we think or what Hoover thinks Lincoln might have done in 1931 is a rather futile guessing game best left to Republican politicians accustomed to using a great name for their own purposes.