Herbert, Lucy (DNB00)

HERBERT, Lady LUCY (1669–1744), devotional writer, born in 1669, was fourth daughter of William Herbert, first marquis and titular duke of Powis [q. v.], by his wife Elizabeth, younger daughter of Edward Somerset, second marquis of Worcester. She was professed in the convent of the English Augustinian canonesses at Bruges in 1693, was elected its prioress in 1709, and died on 19 Jan. 1743-4.

She compiled:

  1. ‘Several excellent Methods of hearing Mass,’ Bruges, 1722, 8vo; 1742, 12mo; [London], 1791,12mo.
  2. ‘Several Methods and Practices of Devotions appertaining to a Religious Life,’ Bruges, 1743, 12mo; [London], 1791, 12mo.

These two works, together with her ‘Meditations,’ are reprinted in ‘The Devotions of the Lady Lucy Herbert of Powis,’ edited by the Rev. John Morris, S.J., London, 1873,12mo.

[Preface to the Devotions; Dodd's Church Hist. iii. 447; Husenbeth's Colleges and Convents on the Continent, p. 55; Kirk's Biog. Collections, No. 43, cited in Gillows Bibl. Dict.]

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