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HERDMAN, WILLIAM GAWIN (1805–1882), artist and author, was born on 13 March 1805 at Liverpool, where his father was a corn merchant. He was an art teacher for many years in his native town, and an active member of the Liverpool Academy, until about 1857, when he was expelled for some action he had taken in protesting against the patronage of pre-Raphaelite artists by that institution. He then started a rival establishment. He exhibited several landscapes at the Royal Academy and the Suffolk Street Gallery between 1834 and 1861, besides many works at local exhibitions. He was very successful in his topographical views, a large collection of which is preserved at the Liverpool Free Library. His principal publication was entitled ‘Pictorial Relics of Ancient Liverpool, accompanied with Descriptions of Antique Buildings.’ 1843, fol.; 2nd ser. 1856. He also published: 1. ‘Views of Fleetwood-on-Wyre,’ Manchester, 1838, fol. 2. ‘Studies from the Folio of W. H.,’ Manchester, 1838, fol. 3. Three papers on linear perspective, in the ‘Art Journal.’ 1849–50. 4. ‘A Treatise on the Curvilinear Perspective of Nature, and its Applicability to Art,’ 1853, 8vo. 5. ‘Thoughts on Speculative Cosmology and the Principles of Art,’ 1870, 8vo. 6. ‘Hymns and Sacred Melodies,’ 4to. 7. ‘A Treatise on Skating.’ 8. Poems in manuscript and print (in the Liverpool Free Library). He died at Liverpool on 29 March 1882. One of his sons, William Herdman, published in 1864 a volume of ‘Views of Modern Liverpool.’

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