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History of Iowa From the Earliest Times to the Beginning of the Twentieth Century/4/John N. Irwin

JOHN N. IRWIN was born in Ohio, in 1847. His early education was secured in the public schools of that State, and later he attended the Miami University. After the close of the Civil War he went to Dartmouth College where he graduated in the class of 1867. He came with his father's family to Iowa, making his home in Keokuk where they engaged in mercantile business. At seventeen years of age he enlisted in the Union army. In 1875 he was elected Representative in the House of the Sixteenth General Assembly, serving one term. In 1883 Mr. Irwin was appointed by President Arthur, Governor of Idaho Territory. After returning to Keokuk he was elected mayor. In 1890 he was appointed by President Harrison Governor of the Territory of Arizona. In 1899 President McKinley tendered him the position of American minister to Portugal which he accepted, resigning after about a year's service, returning to his home in Keokuk.