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History of Iowa From the Earliest Times to the Beginning of the Twentieth Century/4/Joseph M. Junkin

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[J. M. Junkin]

JOSEPH M. JUNKIN was a native of Iowa, having been born at Fairfield in 1854. He was educated in the schools of Fairfield and Red Oak, taking the law course at the State University at Iowa City, graduating in 1879. Soon after he entered into partnership with Horace E. Deemer, who became a judge of the Supreme Court of the State. In 1895 Mr. Junkin was nominated by the Republicans of the district composed of the counties of Mills and Montgomery for State Senator. He was elected and served in the Twenty-sixth and Twenty-seventh General Assemblies, attaining high rank as a legislator. At the close of his term he was reëlected serving in the Twenty-eighth and Twenty-ninth General Assemblies, taking an active part in the important work of the two sessions.