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HOLE or HOLLE, WILLIAM (fl. 1600–1630), engraver, one of the earliest English engravers, is notable as the earliest engraver of music on copperplates in this country. He engraved and published ‘Parthenia, or the Maydenhead of the first Musicke that ever was executed for the Virginalls composed by those famous Masters, William Byrd, Dr. John Bull, and Orlando Gibbons, Gentlemen of his Maties most illustrious Chappell.’ This book, engraved for Dorothy Evans, and printed in London by G. Lowe, appears to have been published in 1611, with a title-page, and a fresh edition in 1613 with the title-page slightly altered. A much later edition has a new title-page by Hollar. Hole also engraved in 1613, with a dedication to Robert Carr, earl of Somerset, ‘Prime Musiche nuove di Angelo Notari a una, due, et tre Voci, per Cantare con la Tiorba et altri Strumenti, Nouamente posti in luce.’ A volume entitled ‘Fantasies of Three Parts, by Orlando Gibbons. Cut in copper, the like not before extant,’ was probably also engraved by Hole at an earlier date. These books are excessively rare; copies of them all are in the library at the British Museum. Hole also engraved throughout Martin Billingsley's ‘The Pen's Excellencie,’ with a portrait of the author. Among the portraits engraved by Hole were Henry, prince of Wales, with a lance (copied from Simon Passe's print) in Drayton's ‘Poly-Olbion;’ the same prince's effigy on his funeral car for George Chapman's ‘Epicede;’ George Chapman, prefixed to his ‘Iliad,’ 1616; Thomas Coryat [q. v.], and another plate for his ‘Crudities,’ 1611; Michael Drayton, for his ‘Poems,’ 1619; George Wither, for his ‘Poems,’ 1617; John Florio, for his Italian and English dictionary, 1611; Sir John Hayward, Thomas Egerton, viscount Brackley, John Clavell (a penitent thief), and others. He also engraved title-pages, and some of the maps for Camden's ‘Britannia,’ 1607. On 29 May 1618 he received a grant for life of the office of head-sculptor of the iron for money in the Tower and elsewhere (Cal. State Papers, Dom. James I. vol. xcvii.)

[Dodd's manuscript Hist. of English Engravers, Brit. Mus. Addit. MS. 33402; information from Mr. W. Barclay Squire, F.S.A.]

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