Holland, Henry (d.1604) (DNB00)

HOLLAND, HENRY (d. 1604), divine, educated at Magdalene College, Cambridge, where he graduated B.A. in 1579–80, was instituted to the vicarage of Orwell, Cambridgeshire, on 21 Nov. 1580. In 1583 he commenced M.A., and on 13 Feb. 1593–4 was instituted to the vicarage of St. Bride, London, on the presentation of the dean and chapter of Westminster. This benefice was vacant by his death before 13 Feb. 1603–4. A son, Henry, entered Merchant Taylors' School in 1613 (Robinson, Merchant Taylors' School Reg. i. 76).

Holland was the author of the following works: 1. ‘A Treatise against Witchcraft; or A Dialogue, wherein the greatest doubts concerning that sinne are briefly answered. … Herevnto is also added a Short Discourse, containing the most certen meanes ordained of God, to discouer, expell, and to confound all the sathanicall inuentions of Witchcraft and Sorcerie,’ Cambridge, 1590, 4to; dedicated to Robert Devereux, earl of Essex. 2. ‘Spirituall Preseruatiues against the Pestilence: chiefly collected out of the 91 Psalme,’ London, 1593, 16mo; 1603, 4to; dedicated to the lord mayor, sheriffs, and aldermen, and Thomas Aldersey, citizen, of London. To the second edition is added ‘An Admonition concerning the use of Physick,’ which was reprinted with ‘Salomon's Pesthouse’ (1630), by I. D. 3. ‘Aphorisms of Christian Religion: or a verie compendious abridgement of M. I. Caluin's Institutions, set forth in short sentences methodically by M. I. Piscator: And now Englished according to the Authors third and last edition,’ London, 1596, 8vo, with dedication to Dr. Goodman, dean of Westminster. 4. ‘Christian exercise of Fasting, Private and Publick: whereunto is added certain Meditations on the 1st and 2d chapters of the Book of Job,’ London, 1596, 4to.

Holland edited (London, by Felix Kyngston, 1603, 4to) ‘Lectures upon the Epistles of Paul to the Colossians,’ by Robert Rollok of Edinburgh, and the works of Richard Greenham [q. v.] (1599; 5th ed. 1612).

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