Holland, John (1794-1872) (DNB00)

HOLLAND, JOHN (1794–1872), poet and miscellaneous writer, son of John Holland, optical instrument maker, of Richmond Hill, in the parish of Handsworth, Yorkshire, and his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel Cox of Staveley, was born in Sheffield Park on 14 March 1794, and brought up to his father's trade, which he soon abandoned for literary pursuits. Several of his poems attracted the notice of James Montgomery, who became his attached friend. About 1818 he was appointed one of the secretaries of the Sheffield Sunday School Union, and from 1825 to 1832 he was, in succession to Montgomery, editor of the ‘Sheffield Iris.’ In 1832 he became editor of the ‘Newcastle Courant,’ but returned to Sheffield in 1833, and acted as joint editor of the ‘Sheffield Mercury’ from 1835 till the discontinuance of that journal in 1848. In acknowledgment of his journalistic services an annuity of 100l. was subscribed for by ten gentlemen of Sheffield, and presented to him in 1870. He died at his residence in Sheffield Park on 28 Dec. 1872, and was buried in Handsworth churchyard.

Holland's principal publications are:

  1. ‘Sheffield Park: a descriptive poem,’ Sheffield, 1820, 8vo.
  2. ‘The Village of Eyam; a poem,’ Macclesfield, 1821, 12mo.
  3. ‘The Hopes of Matrimony; a poem,’ London, 1822, 8vo.
  4. ‘The History, Antiquities, and Description of the Town and Parish of Worksop, in the County of Nottingham,’ Sheffield, 1826, 4to.
  5. ‘The Pleasures of Sight; a poem,’ Sheffield, 1829, 12mo.
  6. ‘A Treatise on the Progressive Improvement and present state of Manufactures in Metals,’ forming 3 vols. of Lardner's ‘Cabinet Cyclopædia,’ London, 1831–49, 12mo.
  7. ‘Cruciana. Illustrations of the most striking aspects under which the Cross of Christ, and symbols derived from it, have been contemplated by piety, superstition, imagination, and taste,’ Liverpool, 1835, 8vo.
  8. ‘The Tour of the Don. A series of extempore Sketches [chiefly by Holland] made during a pedestrian ramble along the Banks of that River and its Tributaries,’ 2 vols., London, 1837, 12mo.
  9. ‘Brief Notices of Animal Substances used in the Sheffield Manufactures,’ Sheffield, 1840, 8vo.
  10. ‘The Psalmists of Britain. Records, biographical and literary, of upwards of one hundred and fifty authors who have rendered the whole or parts of the Book of Psalms into English verse, with specimens and a general Introduction,’ London, 1843, 8vo.
  11. ‘The Poets of Yorkshire, by William Cartwright Newsam,’ completed and published by Holland, London, 1845, 8vo.
  12. ‘Diurnal Sonnets: Three Hundred and Sixty-six Poetical Meditations on various subjects,’ Sheffield, 1851, 8vo.
  13. ‘Memorials of Sir Francis Chantrey … in Hallamshire and elsewhere,’ London [1851], 8vo.
  14. ‘A Poet's Gratulation: addressed to James Montgomery on the eightieth Anniversary of his Birthday,’ Sheffield [1851], 8vo.
  15. ‘Memoirs of the Life and Writings of James Montgomery; including selections from his correspondence, remains in prose and verse, and conversations on various subjects,’ 7 vols., London, 1854–6, 8vo (conjointly with James Everett).

A portrait of Holland is prefixed to his ‘Life’ by William Hudson, London, 1874, 8vo.

[Life, by Hudson, as above; Reliquary, xiii. 246, xv. 145.]

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