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HOME, JAMES (1760–1842), professor of medicine at Edinburgh University, son of Francis Home (1719–1813) [q. v.], succeeded his father in 1798 as professor of materia medica at Edinburgh. He was so successful that he raised the attendance at his class from 50 to 310 students, although the lectures were given at 8 A.M. in winter. In 1821, on the death of Dr. James Gregory (1753–1821) [q. v.], he obtained the professorship of physic after a severe contest; his political views (which were tory) agreed with those of the majority of the town council, the patrons. He was sixty-three years old, and failed from the first in his new post. Latterly his class-room was a scene of great disorder. He continued to lecture until his death 5 Dec. 1844. A good clinical teacher, he was president of the Royal College of Physicians (Scotland). His only publication was a ‘Dissertatio … de Scorbuto,’ &c., Edinburgh, 1781.

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G. T. B.