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HOOD, CHARLES (1826–1883), major-general, born in 1826, was educated at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, and obtained an ensigncy by purchase in the 3rd buffs, 26 June 1844. In 1846 he acted as secretary to the mission sent to the Argentine Republic to arrange certain differences between the combined powers of Great Britain and France and General Rosas, governor of Buenos Ayres. He became lieutenant in the buffs in 1846, and captain in 1851. He was senior officer of his regiment in the trenches before Sebastopol, and led the ladder party in the attack of the Redan on 8 Oct. 1855. In both engagements he was wounded. He was in command of the regiment from 13 Sept. to 27 Dec. 1855, and was at its head when it marched with colours flying into the Karabelnaia suburb after the fall of the city, these being the first British colours carried within Sebastopol. Hood was rewarded with a brevet of major, English and Turkish medals, and fifth class of Medjidie. After serving as major of the depôt battalion at Templemore, Hood became lieutenant-colonel 58th foot on 23 Nov. 1860, and for some years commanded that regiment in Bengal. He became a major-general in 1870, and honorary lieutenant-general (retired list) in 1877. He died on 8 Feb. 1883.

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