Hugo, Thomas (DNB00)

HUGO, THOMAS (1820–1876), the Bewick collector, eldest son of Charles Hugo, M.D., was born at Taunton in 1820, matriculated from Worcester College, Oxford, on 28 Feb. 1839, and graduated B.A. in 1842. He was successively curate of Walton-le-Dale 1842–4, Childwall 1844–6, Bury 1846–1850, and vicar of Halliwell 1850–2 (all in Lancashire). From 1852 to 1858 he was vicar of St. Botolph's, Bishopsgate, London, from 1858 to 1868 perpetual curate of All Saints, Bishopsgate, and rector of West Hackney from 1868 to his death. He was also chaplain of the Hon. Artillery Company and of the order of St. John of Jerusalem. He belonged to the extreme high church party, and was a popular preacher. On 24 Feb. 1853 he was elected a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, and was an active member for many years. Of the London and Middlesex Archæological Society he was the reputed founder, and was a supporter of the Royal Society of Literature, the Linnean Society, and the Genealogical Society of Great Britain. His special province in literature was as historian of religious houses in the west of England, the original sources for whose history he was the first to study thoroughly. He was also the writer of several dramas, but he was best known for his extensive collection of the works of the brothers Bewick of Newcastle, which included many of the original wood-blocks. His three works, 1866, 1868, and 1870, on the wood-cuts and wood-blocks of T. and J. Bewick are exhaustive at all points. As a musician he was a facile writer, and contributed several pieces to 'Hymns Ancient and Modern.' He died after a short illness at West Hackney rectory, on 31 Dec. 1876, and was buried in Highgate cemetery on 6 Jan. 1877, aged only 56. His wife, Agnes Jane, died on 11 Oct. 1881.

His works, excluding separate sermons and addresses, are: 1. 'A Course of Sermons on the Lord's Prayer,' 1854. 2. 'The Dignity of the Human Body, and the Duty of its Care,' 1856. 3. 'The Charters and other Archives of Cleeve Abbey,' 1856. 4. 'A Memoir of Muchelney Abbey, in the County of Somerset,' 1859. 5. 'The History of Taunton Priory, in the County of Somerset,' 1860. 6. 'The History of Mynchin Buckland Priory and Preceptory in Somerset,' 1861. 7. 'An illustrated Itinerary of the Ward of Bishopsgate in the City of London,' 1862. 8. 'A Ramble by the Tone, in a series of Letters to the Taunton Courier,' 1862. 9. 'Varus,' a tragedy, 1864. 10. 'Edwy,' a tragedy, 1864. 11. 'Jean de Laval, or the Tyranny of Power,' a drama, 1865. 12. 'The Bewick Collector. A Catalogue of the Works of T. and J. Bewick, including cuts for books and pamphlets, private gentlemen, public companies, exhibitions, and other purposes, and wood-blocks. Described from the originals, and illustrated with 112 cuts,' 1866. 13. 'The History of Moor Hall, a Camera of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, in the parish of Harefield, Middlesex,' 1866. 14. 'Napoleon I,' a tragedy, 1866. 15. 'The Mediæval Nunneries of Somerset and Diocese of Bath and Wells,' 1867. 16. 'The Bewick Collector. A Supplement, consisting of additions to the divisions of the cuts, woodblocks, &c.,' 1868. 17. 'Charles the Ninth,' a tragedy, 1868. 18. 'Bewick's Woodcuts, impressions of two thousand Wood-blocks, engraved for the most part by T. and J. Bewick, with a Catalogue of the Blocks, and a List of the Books and Pamphlets illustrated,' 1870. 19. 'A Calendar of Records relating to the Parish of West Hackney, Middlesex,' 1872. 20. 'Miscellaneous Papers,' a memorial volume, 1878.

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