Humours of Gravel-Lane, or, The cobler's daughter's wedding/The Magic Cavern, or, Virtue's Triumph

The Magic Cavern, or Virtue’s Triumph.

C O M E liſten ye lads, and ye laſſes around,
To a ſtave or two ſung by Harry Hidebound,
A tanner I am, of no humble degree,
And tanners all mankind I’ll prove are like me.
Tol de roll, etc.

The lawyer ſo great, with big wig and long hand,
His conscience, as bullock’s hide, ſtoutly tann'd,
Yet touch with a double ſee wiſely that part,
’Twill ſtretch like a glove, it is tann'd with ſuch fit
To de roll etc.

Phyſicians, likewiſe, are aH tanners by trade,
And fortunes by workingon ſheep-skins have made;
With bark they tanning their patient's inſide,
’Till ſhoemaker Death bores a hole thro’ the hide.
Tol de rol, etc

To the tan-pit of Cupid fond lovers repair,
And throw themſelves in thro a fit of deſpair,
But Hymen good-natur’dly oft helps them out,
And their hearts being tann'd, why they ſoon get
Tol de rol, etc.

The foes cf Old England don’t tanning deſpiſe,
And to ſeafontheir hides well, I think they are wiſe.
But in ſpite of the Devil, that Tanner of ſins,
When Britons ſtrike home, they ſhan’t ſleep in
whole ſkins.
Tol dc rol, etc.

This work was published before January 1, 1927, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.