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ISN 043 -- statement of 2006/10/23

In the Name of God the Merciful the Gracious

ISN # 43

DATE 10/23/2006

To the office of the administrative board to review detent

First thank you for giving me this opportunity to talk to you regarding me detention in Guantanamo, Cuba. I read the factors that you took in my detention, And as you know those factors are not true, and it does not have any origin that exist.

And as you know I don't hate americans have any hate towards Americans nor being enemy to them. I don't have any type of problems, And as I never thought about the Americans

I'm a human responsible only about a family I think about Living and SPend money on my famiLy that consists of a father adn mother that are oLder in age and responsib about my brothers and sisters that don't have but my Poor Family.

Is it reasonable Forme to think about jihad and my Life would be gone in that? Do you think that makes sense?

I don't think but onLy about my father that can't work and retired and think about my vaLued mother to my heart and my younger brothers how can I support and spend money on them form Halal money...

I went to Afghanistan because my friend lied tome and said there are jobs in Afghanistna and he was my friend since chiLdhood and I didn't beLieve he would trick me, And when I arrived to Afghanistan he offered me to Join the Taliban.

of Course I refused, and it was a big shock on me... And I stayed in kabuL, trying to return to my beloved Country ((The Yemen) and CouLdn't Find me to return. And in year (2001) I decided to Leave to Pakistan about september of the year (2001).

I wish from the administrative board to give attention to my case, And to try to make sure of those unconvincing accusations that doesn't have any origin to exist. I want from the board to make sure of the accusations source and compare the talk

This is the summery of my talk and I tried not to make it long, And the interrogators know that I'm Cooperative with them, and never happened any bad behaviour .

I wish you speed up the search.

To You my honest thanks
Samir Naji