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Title A Basic Guide to Open Educational Resources
Author Neil Butcher
Editor Asha Kanwar (COL), Stamenka Uvalić-Trumbić (UNESCO)
Year 2011
Publisher Commonwealth of Learning (COL) and UNESCO
Source pdf
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Acknowledgements 1
Overview of the Guide 3
A Basic Guide to Open Educational Resources: Frequently asked questions 5
What are Open Educational Resources (OER)? 5
Is OER the same as e-learning? 5
Is OER the same as open learning/open education? 6
Is OER related to the concept of resource-based learning? 7
How open is an open licence? 8
What is the difference between OER and open access publishing? 9
Shouldn't I worry about 'giving away' my intellectual property? 9
Who will guarantee the quality of OER? 12
How can education benefit by harnessing OER? 13
Is OER really free? 14
Does use of OER preclude use of commercial content? 16
What policy changes are needed for institutions to make more effective use of OER? 16
What are the best ways to build capacity in OER? 17
Where do I find OER? 18
How can I share my OER with others? 19
How much can I change OER for my own purposes? 20
Making the Case for Open Educational Resources 23
Introduction 23
Defining the concept 24
The implications for educational planners and decision-makers 39
Conclusion 44
References 45
Appendix One: Overview of Open Licences 47
Introduction 47
Creative Commons Licences 48
Appendix References 52
Appendix Two: The Components of a Well-Functioning Distance Education system 53
The Components 53
The Rationale for Use of Distance Education Methods 55
Appendix Three: Technology Applications 57
Appendix Four: Open Source Software Applications in Education 61
References 64
Appendix Five: Mapping the OER Terrain Online 65
Introduction 65
OCW OER Repositories 65
University OCW Initiatives 70
Subject-Specific OCW OER 74
Content Creation Initiatives 78
Open Schooling Initiatives 81
OCW OER Search 84
Conclusion 85
Appendix Six: A Catalogue of OER-Related Websites 87
OCW OER Repositories 88
Open Schooling Initiatives 92
OCW OER Search 93
University OCW Initiatives 95
Subject-Specific OCW-OER 104
OER Tools 109
Other OER Sources 113
Appendix Seven: Some OER Policy Issues in Distance Education 115
Appendix Eight: OER Policy Review Process 123
Appendix Nine: Skills Requirements for Work in Open Educational Resources 131