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Title Amazing Stories, Vol. 1, No. 9
Author Various authors
Editor Hugo Gernsback
Year 1926
Publisher Experimenter Publishing Co.
Location New York
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Black and white illustration of Jules Verne's tombstone, in the shape of a bearded man's torso rising diagonally from the ground, with right arm stretched out to the sky and a flat tombstone on his back.
Vol. 1 No. 9
Dec. 1926

EDITORIAL & GENERAL OFFICES: 53 Park Place, New York City
Published by Experimenter Publishing Company, Inc.

(H. Gernsback, Pres.; S. Gernsback, Treas.; R. W. DeMott, Sec'y)

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Contents for December

The First Men in the Moon (Serial in 3 parts)

Part I

By H. G. Wells 774

The Man Higher Up

By Edwin Balmer & William B. MacHarg 792

The Time Eliminator

By Kaw 802

Through the Crater's Rim

By A. Hyatt Verrill 806

The Lord of the Winds

By Augusto Bissiri 820

The Telepathic Pick-Up

By Samuel M. Sargent, Jr. 828

The Educated Harpoon

By Charles S. Wolfe 831

The Diamond Lens

By Fitz-James O'Brien 834

The Second Deluge (A Serial in 3 parts) Part II

By Garrett P. Serviss 844

Our Cover

this month represents the main illustration for a story as yet to be written by our readers. $500.00 in prizes will be given for the best scientifiction stories written around this picture. See editorial page for details of this absorbing contest.

Copyright Acknowledgment

"THE DIAMOND LENS,” by Fitz-James O'Brien. Courtesy the ATLANTIC MONTHLY Magazine.

In Our Next Issue:

THE RED DUST, by Murray Leinster. You have, of course, read "The Mad Planet." "The Red Dust" is a sequel to this all-absorbing and now famous story. Here we see further and more exciting adventures of the hero Burl.

THE MAN WHO COULD VANISH, by A. Hyatt Verrill. The author of "Beyond the Pole" and "Through the Crater's Rim" has written what is, to our mind, a real masterpiece. Mr. Verrill treats invisibility in a quaint manner and the science by which he does this seems correct in all respects. You will read and reread this story.

THE MAN WITH THE STRANGE HEAD, by Dr. Miles J. Breuer. When a medical doctor turns author, you may be sure that he will write a story that we can all enjoy. "The Man with the Strange Head" is certainly as amazing and strange a story as you would wish to have told.

THE FIRST MEN IN THE MOON, by H. G. Wells. Our adventurers are now on the moon, or, rather, inside of it, and are fast getting acquainted with the superhuman insect race which he pictures as reigning on our satellite. The second installment is packed full of weird and exciting incidents that you can never forget.

THE SECOND DELUGE, by Garrett P. Serviss. Cosmo Versai was right. The deluge covered the highest mountains of the Himalayas. Strange to say, some lives were spared—but how? You will find it out for yourself in reading the concluding chapters.

THE ELEVENTH HOUR, by Edwin Balmer and William B. MacHarg. Here is another one of the famous scientific detective stories by the well-known authors. There is good science and plenty of excitement in this short tale, and you will not know the full solution until the end.

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