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Title Amazing Stories, Vol. 1, No. 11
Author Various authors
Editor Hugo Gernsback
Year 1927
Publisher Experimenter Publishing Co.
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Contents for February

The Land That Time Forgot

(A Serial in 3 Parts) Part I.

By Edgar Rice Burroughs 982

On the Martian Way

By Capt. H. G. Bishop, U. S. A. 1008

The First Men in the Moon

(A Serial in 3 Parts) Part III.

By H. G. Wells 1014

New Stomachs for Old

By W. Alexander 1039

The Eleventh Hour

By Edwin Balmer and William B. MacHarg 1042

The Thought Machine

By Ammianus Marcellinus 1052

The Second Deluge

(A Serial in 4 Parts) Part IV

By Garrett P. Serviss 1059

Our Cover

this month illustrates a terrifying scene from "The Land that Time Forgot," by Edgar Rice Burroughs, in which a number of pre-historic monster sea and air reptiles very nearly devour the subterranean river travelers. Fortunately for them, they are able to retreat into their submarine.

In Our Next Issue:

THE GREEN SPLOTCHES, by T. S. Stribling. A perfect story for our pages must be really amazing and must be scientific. This story is, without a question, a classic of scientifiction, one of the most amazing tales it has ever been our good fortune to read.

UNDER THE KNIFE, by H. G. Wells. Here is an extraordinarily imaginative story by the great author, a story of such audacity that you will read it breathlessly from start to finish. While gruesome to an extent, it is the weird experiences of the patient that stand out rather than the gruesomeness.

THE PEOPLE OF THE PIT, By A. Merritt. Here is an exceedingly clever story about intelligences which are absolutely incomprehensible to us—with almost invisible bodies floating through the air, yet possessing strange powers. A weird story that will remain with you long after you have read it.

THE WHITE GOLD PIRATE, by Merlin Moore Taylor. An absorbing detective story about a daring criminal who baffles many authorities interested in the mysterious disappearance of enormous quantities of platinum. A scientific detective uses the X-ray, finger prints and the phonograph in a particularly interesting manner, making this a most plausible story with a true scientific aspect.

THE HAMMERING MAN, by Edwin Balmer and William B. MacHarg. Here the psychological detective with the help of his sphygmograph, lays bare a crime a generation old, thus solving many weird and mysterious problems. You will enjoy this story even more than the preceding stories by these clever authors.

THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT, by Edgar Rice Burroughs (Part II). If you think it is impossible to maintain a high pitch of exciting interest in telling of thrilling episodes and adventures, read the second instalment of this story. The author continues to keep you on edge in a most amazing manner.

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