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Title The Auk, Volume 13
Author American Ornithologists' Union
Year 1896
Publisher American Ornithologists' Union, etc.
Location New York City
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No. 1


In Memoriam: George Newbold Lawrence. By D. G. Elliot, F. R. S. E. (Frontispiece.) 1

The Standing of Ardetta neoxena. By Frank M. Chapman. (Plate I.) 11

An Important Factor in the Study of Western Bird-Life. By Carl. F. Baker 20

The Pine Grosbeak in Captivity. By O. W. Knight. 21

Descriptions of an Apparently New Species and Subspecies of Ptarmigan from the Aleutian Islands. By D. G. Elliot, F. R. S. E. (Plate III.) 24

Songs of the Western Meadowlark. By L. Belding. 29

A New Subspecies of the Genus Dryobates. By A. W. Anthony 31

Description of a New Jay from Mexico. By Gerrit S. Miller, Jr. 34

Nesting Habits of Phainopepla nitens in California. By Florence A. Merriam 38

Descriptions of a New Warbler and a New Song Sparrow. By William Brewster 44

The Terns of Muskeget Island, Massachusetts. Part II. By George H. Mackay 47

Thirteenth Congress of the American Ornithologists' Union. By John H. Sage 55

Recent Literature.—Elliot's Monograph of the Pittidae, 60; The Fossil Birds of Patagonia, 61; Elliot's Limicolæ, 64; Some Canadian Birds, 67; Kirkwood on Maryland Birds, 67; The Structure and Life of Birds, 68; The A. O. U, Check-List of North American Birds, Second Edition, 69; Hudson's British Birds, 70; Bendire on the Cowbirds, 71; Lucas on the Weapons and Wings of Birds, 72; Fisher's Hawks and Owls from the Standpoint of the Farmer, 73; Beddard's 'Text-book of Zoögeography,' 73; Townsend on the Birds of Cocos Island, 75; Publications Received, 76.

General Notes.—Do Young Loons eat Fresh-water Clams? 77; 'Gull Dick' Again, 78; An Early Description of Phalacrocorax dilophus, {[djvu page link|78|36}}; Another Harlequin Duck Record for Long Island, 78; Olor buccinator in Western Minnesota. 78; White-faced Glossy Ibis Breeding in Minnesota, 79; Ardetta neoxena from Wisconsin, 79; The Ring Rail Again in Maine, 79; Baird's Sandpiper in Maine, 82; The 1895 Migration of Charadrius dominicus in Massachusetts, 80; Habits of the Valley Partridge, 81; Additional Records of the Passenger Pigeon (Ectopistes migratorius) in Wisconsin and Illinois, 81; The Golden Eagle in New Jersey, 81; The Golden Eagle in Maine, 82; A New Long Island, N Y., Record for the Red-bellied Woodpecker, 82; The Deltoid Muscle in the Swifts, 82; The Scissor-tailed Flycatcher in Virginia and Maryland, 83: The Raven in Illinois, 83; The Ipswich Sparrow—A Correction, 84; Second Occurrence of the Lark Sparrow in Virginia, 84; The Cape May Warbler (Dendroica tigrina) in the Maritime Portions of South Carolina, 84; The Carolina Wren in Connecticut, 84; The Red-breasted Nuthatch (Sitta canadensis) on Long Island, South Carolina, 84; The Dwarf Thrush in Colorado, 85; Food of Woodpeckers and Flycatchers, 85; Rare Visitors to the Connecticut River Valley in Massachusetts in 1895, 86; A Correction, 86; Notes on Long Island Birds, 87; Nantucket Island Notes, 88; Gatke's Birds of Heligoland, 89.

Correspondence.—The Soaring of Birds and Currents of Air, 92.

Notes and News.—Obituary, Thomas Henry Huxley, 113; Henry Seebohm, 96; Henry T. Wharton, 97; Ornithological Lectures at Columbia College, 97; Kent Ornithological Club, 98; Protection of North American Birds, 98.

No. 2


On the Florida Ground Owl (Speotyto floridanæ). By William Palmer. (Plate II.) 99

The Taxonomic Value of the Tongue in Birds. By Frederic A. Lucas 109

Notes on Some of the Birds of Southern California. By Florence A. Merriam 115

The Law which Underlies Protective Coloration. By Abbott H. Thayer 124

Descriptions of a New Horned Lark and a New Song Sparrow, with Remarks on Sennett's Nighthawk. By Louis B. Bishop. 129

An Apparently New Chordeiles from Costa Rica. By George K. Cherrie 135

Gätke's 'Heligoland.' By J. A. Allen 137

A Revision of the North American Horned Owls, with Description of a New Subspecies By Witmer Stone 153

Recent Literature.—The 'Birds" of 'The Royal Natural History.' 156; Saunders and Salvia's 'Catalogue of the Gaviæ and Tubinares,' 160; Salvadori's Catalogue of the Chenomorphæ, Crypturi, and Ratitæ. 162; Chapman on Changes of Plumage in the Dunlin and Sanderling, 164; Chapman on the Plumage of the Snowflake, 165; Allen on Alleged Changes of Color in the Feathers of Birds without Moulting, 166; The Mockingbird and Yucca aloifolia, 167; Loomis on California Water Birds, 168; Publications Received, 169.

General Notes.—Brünnich's Murre at Cape Charles, Virginia, 171; The Parasitic Jaeger near Cleveland, Ohio, 171; Puffinus tenuirostris, off San Diego, California, 171; The Skull of the Young Cormorant, 172; Clangula hyemalis at San Diego, California, 172; Occurrence of the Great White Heron at Escondido, California, 172; Note on the Flexor hallucis brevis in the Night Heron (Nycticorax nycticorax nævius), 172; Porzana noveboracensis near Ottawa, Canada, 172; Crymophilus fulicarius in Maine, 173; Crex crex in Maine, 173; Baird's Sandpiper in Michigan, 174; Western Sandpiper (Ereunetes occidentalis) more abundant than the Semipalmated (E. pusillus), 174; Woodpeckers' Tongues—a Plea for Aid, 174; Pinicola enucleator in Westchester County, N. Y., 175; The Pine Grosbeak at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 175; The Pine Grosbeak (P. enucleator) in New Jersey. 175 Abnormal Plumage of a Pine Grosbeak, 176; The American Crossbill at Sea, 176; Harris's Sparrow in Spring Dress in Autumn, 176; A Brown Thrasher (Harporhynchus rufus) in Massachusetts in Winter, 176; A few Notes from Maine. 177; Three Winter Notes from Longwood, Mass., 178; Bird Notes from Erie County, New York, 178; Virginia Notes. 179; On Birds reported as rare in Cook County, Ill. 179; Additions to the Avifauna of Tennessee, 181; Sundry Notes, 182.

Correspondence—Some Questions of Nomenclature, 183; A Question of Nomenclature, 190; Ord's Zoölogy Again, 192; Chen hyperborea and C. nivalis, 195.

Notes and News—Obituary, Dr. Willard Lorraine Maris, 193; The Delaware Valley Ornithological Club, 193; The Michigan Ornithological Club, 194|48}}; New Edition of Ridgway's ' Manual of North American Birds,' 194; 'The Feather,' 195; The Seebohm collection of Birds, 195; The Field Columbian Museum Expedition to Africa, 196

No. 3


The Ducks of Plymouth County, Massachusetts. By Herbert K. Job 197

John Abbot's Drawings of the Birds of Georgia. By Walter Faxon 204

The Peninsula of Missouri as a Winter Home for Birds. By O. Widmann 216

The Black-vented Shearwater (Puffinus opisthomelas). By A. W. Anthony 223

Recent Observations on Histriouicus histrionicus in Maine. By Arthur H. Norton 229

Some Notes on the Passenger Pigeon (Ectopistes migratorius) in Confinement. By Ruthven Deane. 234

Notes on the Birds of Bermuda. By D. Webster Prentiss 237

Recent Literature.—Stone on the Molting of Birds, 240; Stone on Birds collected in North Greenland 243; Shallow on a Collection of Birds from West Greenland, 243; Rotzells Birds of Narberth, Pa., and Vicinity, 244; Rhoads's List of Tennessee Birds, 244; Short's Birds of Western New York, 245; A List of Nebraska Birds, 245; Cory's 'Hunting and Fishing in Florida,' with 'A Key to the Water Birds of the State.' 246; Howe's 'Every Bird,' 247; Artistic and Scientific Taxidermy, 247; Witchell's 'Evolution of Bird Song,' 249; Harvie Brown and Buckley's 'A Vertebrate Fauna of the Moray Basin,' 251; The 'Birds' of the Royal Natural History, 252; Publications Received, 253.

General Notes.—Name of the Large-billed Puffin, 255; Record of a Fourth Specimen of the European Widgeon (Anas penelope) in Indiana, 255; Recent Occurrence of the Florida Gallinule in Southern Maine, 255; Baird's Sandpiper in Michigan, 255; The Belted Piping Plover in Massachusetts, 256; Discovery of the Eggs of the Belted Piping Plover, 256; Recent Capture of the Golden Eagle near Portland, Maine, 256; Golden Eagles in Virginia, 256; Nidification of the Dusky Horned Owl, 257; Four Winter Records of the Short-eared Owl on the Massachusetts Coast, 257; The Roadrunner as a Rat-killer, 257; The Red-headed Woodpecker in Eastern Massachusetts, 258; Pyrocephalus rubineus mexicanns in Los Angeles County, Cal., 258; Intergradation in Song of Sturnella magna and S m. neglecta in Missouri, 258; Pinicola enucleator at Worcester, Mass., 259; Evening Grosbeak in Southern Wisconsin. 259; Zonotrichia albicollis and Mniotilta varia at Pasadena, Cal., 260; The Wintering of the Towhee at Longwood, Mass., 260; The Nonpariel at Longwood, Massachusetts, 261; Peculiar Traits of Some Scarlet Tanagers, 261; The Occurrence in Nebraska of Vireo ftavoviridis 263; Helminthophila rubricapilla vs. Helminthophila rubricapilla, 263; Bachman's Warbler Helminthophila bachmani) in Greene County, Arkansas, 264; Second Occurrence of the Blue-gray Gnatcatcher in Maine, 264; Southern California Bird Notes, 265; Merrem's Work, 265; Mandt's Inaugural Dissertation, 266; Correction, 266.

Notes And News—Obituary.—Dr. Juan Gundlach, 267; Clarence A. Smith, 267; The Palm Beach Museum, 268; 'The Osprey,' 268; 'The Nidiologist," 268; U. S. Biological Survey, 268; Elliot's African Expedition, 268; Zoological Nomenclature, 269.

No. 4


The Sharp-tailed Sparrow (Ammodramus caudacutus) and its Geographical Races. By Jonathan Dwight, Jr. (Plate IV.) 271

Summer Birds of the Anthracite Coal Regions of Pennsylvania. By R. T. Young 278

Feeding Habits of the English Sparrow and Crow. By Sylvester D. Judd 285

Summer Birds of Northern Elk County, Pa. By William L. Bailey 289

Summer Birds (July 15-AuG. 13, 1894) of the Rhine. By Ralph Hoffmann 207

The Cormorant Rookeries of the Lofoten Islands. By R. W. Shufeldt, M. D. (Plate V.) 312

Critical Remarks on the Mexican Forms of the Genus Certhia By Harry C. Oberholser 314

Further Remarks on the Law which Underlies Protective Coloration. By Abbott H. Thayer 318

Evidence suggestive of the Occurrence of 'Individual Dichromatism' in Megascops asio. By Arthur, P. Chadbourne, M.D. 321

Recent Literature.—Sclater on Rules for Naming Animals, 325; Swann's Handbook of British Birds, 328; Loomis on California Water Birds, 329; Ridgway on New Species and Subspecies of Birds, 330; Oberholser on Two New Subspecies of Dryobates, 330; Richmond on Mexican Birds, 330; Richmond on New Species of Birds, 331; Dr. Abbott's Collections from Asia, 331; Dr. Abbott's Collections from the Seychelles and other Islands, 331; Robinson's Birds of Margarita, 332; Cherrie on San Domingo Birds, 333; Warren's 'Taxidermy' and Bird-Laws, 334; Ridgway and Lucas on a New Family of Birds, 334; Montgomery on Migration as a Check upon Geographical Variation, 335; Contributions to Economic Ornithology, 335; Publications Received, 335.

General Notes—Occurrence of the Wood Ibis (Tantalus loculator) in Bristol County, Mass., 341; Wilson's Snipe in Nova Scotia in Winter, 341; The Wild Pigeon at Englewood, N. J., 341; Recent Record of the Passenger Pigeon in Southern Wisconsin, 341; The Turkey Vulture in the Catskills, 341; Buteo boreal harlani in Minnesota, 342; A Note on Buteo borealis lucasanus Ridgway, 342; Feeding Habits of Purple Finches, 342; First Occurrence of the Blue Grosbeak in New Hampshire, 342; Solitary Vireo (Vireo solitarius) nesting in Connecticut, 343; Dendroica palmarum in New York City, 343; Breeding of the Yellow-throated Warbler (Dendroica dominica) in Virginia, near Washington, 343; The Louisiana Water-Thrush breeding in Berkshire County, Mass., 344; The Mockingbird (Mimus polyglottos) in Canada, 344; Thriothorus or Thryothorus? 344; The Hudsonian Chickadee breeding in Southern Vermont, 345; The Hudsonian Chickadee (Parus hudsonicus), Red-breasted Nuthatch (Sitta canadensis), and Golden-crowned Kinglet (Regulus satrapa) in Plymouth County, Mass, in Summer, 346; The Western Martin and the California Cuckoo at Escondido. Cal., 347; Bird Notes from Toronto. Canada, 347; Iridescence of Feathers, as explained by an Old Author, 347; Birds killed by a Storm, 348.

Notes and News.—Obituary.—Lord Lilford, 348; Eugene Carleton Thurber, 349; Dr. G. Brown Goode, 349; Bird Day in Schools, 349; Museum of Natural History at Providence. 350; 'The Osprey,' 350; 'Das Tierreich', 350; New Ornithological Publications, 351;.