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Title Betty Gordon at Mountain Camp
Author Alice B. Emerson
Year 1922
Publisher Cupples & Leon
Location New York
Source djvu
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I The Orange Silk Over-Blouse 1
II The Fruits of Tantalus 12
III Off for a Gallop 21
IV A Second Ida Bellethorne 27
V Measles 40
VI A Disappearance 49
VII All Mrs. Staples Could Say 57
VIII Uncle Dick Must Be Told 65
IX The Live Wire Octette 71
X Beautiful Snow 81
XI Stalled, and Without a Doctor 89
XII The Tunnel 97
XIII An Alarm 105
XIV The Mountain Hut 112
XV The Lost Girl 122
XVI The Camp on the Overlook 128
XVII Off on Snowshoes 136
XVIII Great Excitement 145
XIX The Emergency 153
XX Betty's Ride 159
XXI Betty Comes Through 166
XXII On the Brink of Discovery 174
XXIII Can It Be Done? 180
XXIV Twenty Miles of Grade 188
XXV On the Deck of the San Salvador 199