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Title Devil Worship: The Sacred Books and Traditions of the Yezidiz
Author Isya Joseph
Year 1919
Publisher Richard G. Badger/The Gorham Press
Location Boston
Source djvu
Progress To be proofread
Transclusion Index not transcluded or unreviewed
Chapter Page
  Introduction—The Origin of the Manuscript 11
  Notes on the Introduction 22
  Preface, in the Name of the Most Compassionate God 29
  I. Al-Jilwah—The Revelation 30
  II. Mashaf Res—The Black Book 36
  III. Appendix to Part I. 53
  IV. The Poem in Praise of Šeiḫ ‘Adi 70
  V. The Principal Prayer of the Yezidis 73
  VI. Seven Classes of Yezidis 75
  VII. The Articles of Faith 77
  Notes on Part I. 83
I. The Religious Origin of the Yezidis 89
  I. The Yezidi Myth 89
  II. The Christian Tradition 96
  III. The Speculative Theories of Western Orientalists 103
  IV. The Dogmatic View of Mohammedan Scholars and the Writer's Own Explanation 118
  Notes on Part I. 138
II. The Essential Elements in Yezidism 145
  I. The Yezidi View of God 145
  II. The Deity of the Second Degree 147
    1. Melek Ṭâ’ûs 147
    2. Šeiḫ ‘Adi 158
    3. Yezid 166
  Notes on Chapter II. 167
III. Other Deities and Festivals 169
  I. The So-Called Seven Divinities 169
  II. The Day of Sarsal or New Year 174
  Notes on Chapter III. 177
IV. Sacraments, Religious Observances and Sacerdotal System 178
  I. Sacraments 178
  II. Some Other Religious Practices 180
  III. The Sacerdotal Orders 182
  Notes on Chapter IV. 185
V. Their Customs 186
  I. Marriage 186
  II. Funerals 192
  III. Nationality 194
  IV. Locality 195
  V. Dwellings 197
  VI. The Language 198
  VII. Occupation 198
  Notes on Chapter V. 200
VI. List of the Yezidi Tribes 201
  The Tribes Across the River from Mosul 201
  The Tribes at Sinjar and Jezireh 202
  The Tribes of Midyat Region 203
VII. Persecution 205
  Notes on Chapter VII. 210
Bibliography 213
Index 219