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Essays and phantasies by James Thomson.djvu



A Lady of Sorrow:
Introductory Note 1
I. The Angel 4
II. The Siren 10
III. The Shadow 16
Proposals for the Speedy Extinction of Evil and Misery 51
Bumble, Bumbledom, Bumbleism 104
Per Contra: The Poet, High Art, Genius 124
Indolence: A Moral Essay 142
A National Reformer in the Dog-Days 166
An Evening with Spenser 177
Open Secret Societies 190
Sayings of Sigvat 213
A Word for Xantippe 220
Sympathy 228
Liberty and Necessity 250
A Walk Abroad 257
The Fair of St. Sylvester 269
A Note on Forster's Life of Swift 281
A Note on George Meredith 289
On the Worth of Metaphysical Systems 296
A Few Words on the System of Spinoza 303
In our Forest of the Past 313

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