Index:History of the Kingdom of Siam and of the revolutions that have caused the overthrow of the empire up to A.D. 1770 (IA historyofkingdom00turprich).pdf

Title History of the Kingdom of Siam and of the Revolutions That Have Caused the Overthrow of the Empire up to A.D. 1770
Author François-Henri Turpin
Translator Basil Osborn Cartwright
Year 1908
Location American Presbyterian Mission Press
Source pdf
Progress To be proofread
Transclusion Index not transcluded or unreviewed
OCLC 1046590074
# Translator's Preface (p. iv)
  1. Chapter
    1. The first kings of Siam (p. 1)
    2. The reign of Chao Narai (p. 31)
    3. The revolt of the Macassars (p. 53)
    4. The revolution that brought about the downfall of Faulcon and the French (p. 65)
    5. The breach between the French and the usurper (p. 89)
    6. The persecution of the Christians after the departure of Des Farges (p. 99)
    7. Events leading up to the revolution of 1760 (p. 109)
    8. The revolution of 1760 (p. 115)
    9. The revolution of 1767 (p. 137)
    10. The misfortunes of the Europeans after the revolution (p. 169)
    11. After the revolution of 1767 (p. 176)
    12. Advantages that might accrue from commercial neighbouring relations with Siam and the kingdoms (p. 185)
    13. Tonkin (p. 220)