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I. "George Inn," where Mr. Pickwick first met Sam Weller 3
II. In Lant Street, where Bob Sawyer had his lodgings, and one of his haunts "The Ship and Shovel" 16
III. Number 48 Doughty Street, where Dickens lived and where he wrote the last chapters of "The Pickwick Papers" 30
IV. The George and Vulture, Mr. Pickwick's headquarters when he stopped in London 39
V. The Bull at Rochester, where Doctor Slammer challenged Mr. Jingle and Mr. Winkle was put to bed 46
VI. London Bridge, where Noah Claypole dogged Nancy Sykes's steps the night she was murdered 57
VII. St. Martin's-in-the-Fields and St. John's Church, Westminster, where David Copperfield found Peggotty, and where the two met Martha in their search for Little Em'ly 65
VIII. Covent Garden Market, one of the haunts of Tom Pinch and his sister Ruth; Little Dorrit; Miss Wren, and the "bad child," as described in "Our Mutual Friend" 73
IX. The Fountain in Fountain Court, where Ruth Pinch met her lover, John Westlock 80
X. John Forster's House at No. 58 Lincoln's Inn Fields 86
XI. The Vestry of St. George's Church, Southwark, where Little Dorrit and Maggy passed the night 92
XII. The Thames, where Gaffer, rowed by Lizzie Hexam, plied his trade 101
XIII. Mr. Grewgious's Office in Staple Inn, where Edwin Drood dined "one foggy night" 107
XIV. The offices of "All the Year Round"; Charles Dickens, Editor, 1859–1870 114
XV. Charles Dickens's Grave in Westminster Abbey 120