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Title Life of William Blake, Pictor ignotus (Volume 2)
Author William Blake, Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Year 1863, 1880
Publisher Macmillan And Co.
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Volumes Volume 1Volume 2



Introductory Note 3
Song. My silks and fine array 4
Song. Love and harmony combine 5
Song. I love the jocund dance 6
Mad Song. The wild winds weep 7
Song. How.sweet I roamed from field to field 8
Song. Memory, hither come 9
To the Muses. Whether on Ida's shady brow 10
To the Evening Star. Thou fair-hair'd angel of the Evening 11
To Spring. O thou, with dewy locks, who lookest down 12
To Summer. O thou who passest thro' our valleys in 13
Blind-Man's Buff. When silver snow decks Susan's clothes 14
King Edward the Third (Selections from) 16


Introductory Note 25
Introduction. Piping down the valleys wild 26
The Shepherd. How sweet is the shepherd's sweet lot 27
The Echoing Green. The sun does arise 28
The Lamb. Little lamb, who made thee? 29
The Little Black Boy. My mother bore me in the southern wild 30
The Blossom. Merry, merry sparrow! 31
The Chimney-Sweeper. When my mother died I was very young 32
The Little Boy Lost. Father, father, where are you going? 33
The Little Boy Found. The little boy lost in the lonely fen 33
Laughing Song. When the great woods laugh with the voice of joy 34
A Cradle Song. Sweet dreams form a shade 35
The Divine Image. To mercy, pity, peace, and love 36
Holy Thursday. 'Twas on a Holy Thursday, their innocent faces clean 37
Night. The Sun descending in the West 38
Spring. Sound the flute! 40
Nurse's Song. When the voices of children are heard on the green 41
Infant Joy. I have no name 42
A Dream. Once a dream did weave a shade 43
On Another's Sorrow. Can I see another's woe 44
The Voice of the Ancient Bard. Youth of delight! come hither 46


Introduction. Hear the voice of the bard 47
Earth's Answer. Earth raised up her head 48
The Clod and the Pebble. Love seeketh not itself to please 49
Holy Thursday. Is this a holy thing to see 50
The Little Girl Lost. In futurity 51
The Little Girl Found. All the night in woe 53
The Chimney Sweeper. A little black thing among the snow 55
The Sick Rose. O Rose, thou art sick ! 56
Nurse's Song. When the voices of children are heard on the green 56
The Fly. Little Fly 57
The Angel. I dreamt a dream ! What can it mean? 58
The Tiger. Tiger, tiger, burning bright 59
My Pretty Rose Tree. A flower was offered to me 60
Ah! Sunflower. Ah! Sunflower! weary of time 60
The Lily. The modest rose puts forth a thorn 61
The Garden of Love. I laid me down upon a bank 61
The Little Vagabond. Dear mother, dear mother, the church is cold 62
London. I wander through each charter'd street 63
The Human Abstract. Pity would be no more 64
Infant Sorrow. My mother groaned, my father wept 65
Christian Forbearance. I was angry with my friend 65
A Little Boy Lost. Nought loves another as itself 66
A Little Girl Lost. Children of the future age 67
A Cradle Song. Sleep, sleep, beauty bright 68
The Schoolboy. I love to rise on a summer morn 69
To Tirzah. Whate'er is born of mortal birth 70

Introductory Note 76
The Birds. Where thou dwellest, in what grove 78
Broken Love. My spectre around me night and day 79
The Two Songs. I heard an angel singing 81
The Defiled Sanctuary. I saw a chapel all of gold 82
Cupid. Why was Cupid a boy? 83
The Woman taken in Adultery. The vision of Christ that thou dost see 84
Love's Secret. Never seek to tell thy love 86
The Wild Flower's Song. As I wandered in the forest 87
The Crystal Cabinet. The maiden caught me in the wild 88
Smile and Frown. There is a smile of love 89
The Golden Net. Beneath a white thorn's lovely May 90
The Land of Dreams. Awake, awake, my little boy 91
Mary. Sweet Mary, the first time she ever was there 92
Auguries of Innocence. To see a world in a grain of sand 94
Auguries of Innocence. I travelled through a land of men 94
The Mental Traveller. I travelled through a land of men 98
William Bond. I travelled through a land of men 103
Scoffers. Mock on, mock on, Voltaire, Rousseau 105
The Agony of Faith. "I see, I see," the mother said 106
Daybreak. To find the western path 107
Thames and Ohio. Why should I care for the men of Thames? 107
Young Love. Are not the joys of morning sweeter 108
Riches. Since all the riches of this world 108
Opportunity. He who bends to himself a joy 109
Seed Sowing. Thou hast a lapful of seed 109
Barren Blossom. I feared the fury of my wind 110
Night and Day. Silent, silent night 110
In A Myrtle Shade. To a lovely myrtle bound 111
Couplets and Fragments 112
Epigrams and Satirical Pieces on Art and Artists 114


Introductory Note 118
Descriptive Catalogue 119
Public Address 144
Memoranda by Blake of his mode of Engraving 158
Sibylline Leaves 159
A Vision of the Last Judgment 161


Letters from Blake to Mr. Butts 178
Annotated Catalogue of Blake's Pictures and Drawings. List I, of Works in Colours.
Section a. Dated Works 201
Section b. Undated Works. Biblical and Sacred 223
Ditto Ditto Poetic and Miscellaneous 232
List II. Uncoloured Works.
Section a. Dated Works 240
Section b. Undated Works. Biblical and Sacred 246
Ditto ditto Poetic and Miscellaneous 248
List III. Works of Unascertained Method.
Biblical and Sacred 255
Poetic and Miscellaneous 255
Account between Blake and Mr. Butts 256
Lists of Engravings.
Works designed as well as engraved by Blake 257
Works engraved, but not designed by Blake 259
Works designed, but not engraved by Blake 261
List of Writings 261
Prospectus by Blake issued in 1793 263
Engraved Designs by Blake. 265
The Book of Job.
Songs of Innocence and Experience.