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Maria Edgeworth (Zimmern 1883).djvu


CHAPTER I.—Introductory 1
CHAPTER II.—Early Years 7
CHAPTER III.—Girlhood 15
CHAPTER IV.—Womanhood 26
CHAPTER V.—"Practical Education."—Children's Books 34
CHAPTER VI.—Irish and Moral Tales 50
CHAPTER VII.—In France and at Home 62
CHAPTER VIII.—Fashionable and Popular Tales 82
CHAPTER IX.—Visit to London.—Mr. Edgeworth's Death 103
CHAPTER X.—Later Novels.—General Estimate 115
CHAPTER XI.—Visits Abroad and at Home 139
CHAPTER XII.—Mr. Edgeworth's Memoirs published.—1821 to 1825 154
CHAPTER XIII.—1826 to 1834 171
CHAPTER XIV.—Last Years 194