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More Australian legendary tales.djvu


Preface ix
Introduction, BY ANDREW LANG, M.A. xvii
The Crane and the Crow 1
Beereeun the Mirage Maker 3
Bohrah the Kangaroo and Dinewan the Emu 13
Gheeger Gheeger, the Cold West Wind 15
Bilber and Mayrah 19
Brälgah the Dancing Bird 21
How the Sun was Made 28
Sturt's Desert Pea, the Blood Flower 31
Piggiebillah the Porcupine 39
Gayardaree the Platypus 41
How Mungghee, or Mussels, were brought to the Creeks 45
Wurrunnah's Trip to the Sea 49
Walloobahl the Bark Lizard 55
Goolayyahlee the Pelican 57
Mungoongarlee the Iguana and Ouyouboolooey the Black Snake 61
Wayambeh the Turtle and Woggoon the Turkey 68
Where the Frost Comes From 73
Eubburr the Giant Brown and Yellow Snake 76
The Youayah Mayamah, or Stone Frogs 79
A Legend of the Flowers 84
The Frog Heralds of the Flood 90
Eerin, the Small Grey Owl 93
The Legend of Nar-oong-owie, the Sacred Island 99
Glossary 101