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Researches respecting the Book of Sindibad and Portuguese Folk-Tales.djvu


Introduction, by W. R. S. Ralston, M.A.  
Introductory 1
The Vain Queen 3
The Maid and the Negress 6
The Three Citrons of Love 9
The Daughter of the Witch 14
May you vanish like the Wind 20
Pedro and the Prince 25
The Rabbit 29
The Spell-bound Giant 33
The Enchanted Maiden 37
The Maiden and the Beast 41
The Tower of Ill Luck 45
The Step-Mother 49
Saint Peter's Goddaughter 53
The Two Children and the Witch 59
The Maiden with the Rose on her Forehead 62
The Princess who would not marry her Father 66
The Baker's Idle Son 72
The Hearth-Cat 75
The Aunts 79
The Cabbage Stalk 81
The Seven Iron Slippers 85

The Maiden from whose Head Pearls fell on combing herself

The Three Princes and the Maiden 94
The Maiden and the Fish 97
The Slices of Fish 100
The Prince who had the head of a Horse 105
The Spider 111
The Little Tick 113
The Three Little Blue Stones 116
The Hind of the Golden Apple 121


Preface ... ... ... ... ... vii

Introduction ... ... i

Chap. I. Form and Contents of the Story in the Book of Sindibad ... 10

n II. Of the Tales Contained in the Various Versions ... ... 24

III. Concerning the Eighth Night of the Tuti-nameh of Nachschebi, and the Second Tales of the Viziers in the Book of Sindibad 37

IV. Upon the Age of the Syntipas and of the Hebrew Version ... 53

Libro De Los Engannos ... ... ... 71

Book of the Deceits and Tricks of Women 115

Index ... ... ... ... ... 165