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Satires and profanities -microform- (1884).djvu


Preface 5
The Devil in the Church of England 9
Religion in the Rocky Mountains 21
The Story of a Famous Old Jewish Firm 37
Christmas Eve in the Upper Circles 53
A Word on Blasphemy 66
Heine on an Illustrious Exile, with Something About Whales 70
The Daily News 80
Jesus: as God; as a Man 88
The One Thing Needful 94
The Swinburne Controversy 99
Great Christ is Dead! 105
The Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus 110
Some Muslim Laws and Beliefs 116
The Christian World and the Secularist 128
The Athanasian Creed 133
Our Obstructions 138
Mr. Kingsley's Convertites 146
The Primate on the Church and the World 157
Spiritism in the Police Court 163
A Commission of Inquiry on Royalty 169
A Bible Lesson on Monarchy 178
Principal Tulloch on Personal Immortality 184
The Established Church 187