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Title Some Textual Difficulties in Shakespeare
Author Charles David Stewart
Year 1914
Publisher Yale University Press
Location New Haven, CT
Source djvu
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That Runaways' Eyes May Wink
Romeo and Juliet 1

Airy Air
Troilus and Cressida 14

Both to My God, and to My Gracious King
Hamlet 20

But that to Your Sufficiency . . . As Your Worth is Able
Measure for Measure 26

The Body is with the King, but the King is not with the Body
Hamlet 34

Grates Me.The Sum
Antony and Cleopatra 41

I see that Men Make Ropes in Such a Scar
All's Well that Ends Well 44

Armado o' the One Side
Love's Labour's Lost 52

For Defect of Judgment
Is Oft the Cause of Fear

Cymbeline 56

Ignorance Itself is a Plummet over Me
Merry Wives of Windsor 61

Greater than Great, Great, Great, Great Pompey
Love's Labour's Lost 67

Some Run From Brakes of Ice and Answer None
Measure for Measure 69

Qualtitie Calmie Custure Me!
Henry V 71

But Here, Upon This Bank and Shoal of Time
Macbeth 75

But He That Tempered Thee Bade Thee Stand Up
Henry V 79

To Say "Ay" and "No" to Everything that I Said
Lear 83

They Know Your Grace hath Cause and Means and Might;
So hath Your Highness

Henry V 88

The Blank Prince, Sir; Alias the Prince of Darkness
All's Well that Ends Well 93

Leontes' Obscure Soliloquy
The Winter's Tale 96

The Clearest Gods
King Lear 110

To Dance Their Ringlets to the Whistling Wind
Midsummer Night's Dream 116

Move the Still-peering Air
All's Well that Ends Well 119

To Pay Five Ducats, Five, I Would not Farm It
Hamlet 123

Yes, For a Score of Kingdoms You Should Wrangle
The Tempest 125

Cleopatra's Answer to Caesar
Antony and Cleopatra 131

Lord Bardolph's Reply
2 Henry IV 135

As Those that Fear They Hope, and Know They Fear
As You Like It 147

Painted Hope
Titus Andronicus 155

Those Bated that Inherit but the Fall of the Last Monarchy
All's Well that Ends Well 158

The Spirit of Capulet
Romeo and Juliet 162

Her C's, Her U's and Her T's
Twelfth Night 164

A Fixed Figure for the Time of Scorn
Othello 170

I Loved for Intermission
Merchant of Venice 173

More Than Mine Own; That Am, Have, and Will Be
Henry VIII 182

Thy Banks with Pioned and Twilled Brims
The Tempest 192

My Brother General
2 Henry IV 195

The Mystery of Hamlet 204

Death's Heritage
Romeo and Juliet 230

That Smiles His Cheek in Years
Love's Labour's Lost 234

Would That Alone a Love He Would Detaine
Comedy of Errors 237

Adriana's Point of View
Comedy of Errors 241