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Title Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 6
Editor J. William Jones
Year 1878
Publisher Southern Historical Society
Location Richmond, Va
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Sixth Annual Meeting Southern Historical Society:
Address of Rev. Dr. J. L. Burrows 241
Report of the Executive Committee 244
Detailed Minutiæ of Soldier Life. By Private Carlton McCarthy 1, 193
General Van Dorn's Report of the Elkhorn Campaign 37
Battle of Mobile Bay:
Review of Commodore Parker's Book. By General D. H. Maury 43
Official Report of Admiral Buchanan 220
Official Report of Commander J. D. Johnston 224
General S. D. Lee's Report of the Battle of Chickasaw Bayou 49
Did General Lee Violate his Oath in Siding with the Confederacy? By Rev. Dr. J. L. M. Curry 54
Letter from Captain Mangole 190
"Four Years with General Lee"—A Review by General C. M. Wilcox 71
Report of the Operations of Clayton's Division North of the Tennessee River in the Campaign of the Winter of 1864 86
The Spirit of 1861—Correspondence of General R. E. Lee 91
Report of Brigadier-General J. H. Trapier of the Fight of 7th of April, 1863, in Charleston Harbor 125
Hart's South Carolina Battery—Its War Guidon. Addresses by Major Hart and Governor Hampton 128
The Confederate Career of General Albert Sidney Johnston—A Review by General Basil W. Duke, of Kentucky 133
Van Dorn's Operations in Northern Mississippi—Recollections of a Cavalryman. By Colonel A. F. Brown 151
Presentation of Army of Tennessee Badge and Certificate of Membership to Ex-President Davis 162
Two Witnesses on the "Treatment of Prisoners"—Honorable J. P. Benjamin and General B. F. Butler 183
The Artillery at Second Manassas:
General S. D. Lee's Reply to General Longstreet 59
General Longstreet's Reply to General S. D. Lee 215
General S. D. Lee's Rejoinder to General Longstreet 250
"Woman's Devotion"—A Winchester Heroine. By General D. H. Maury 218
Letter from General R. E. Lee 227
Governor Moore's Proclamation Concerning General Butler's Infamous Order 228
The Wounding of Stonewall Jackson:
Extracts from a Letter of Major Benjamin Watkins Leigh 230
Paper. By General J. A. Early 261
Letter from Captain Wilbourn of Jackson's Staff 266
The Historical Register on our Papers 235
Battle of Gettysburg:
General C. M. Wilcox on the Battle of Gettysburg 97
The Battle on the Right. By Colonel William C. Oates, of Alabama 172
Relative Numbers—Letter from Count of Paris 10
General Early's Reply to Count of Paris 12
Report of Major-General Edward Johnston 254
Report of Major-General H. Heth 258
The Battle of the Wilderness:
Report of General James Longstreet 78
Operations of Kershaw's Division 80
Report of General Goode Bryan 83
Report of General William Mahone 84
Report of General S. McGowan 145
General S. McGowan's Report of Spotsylvania Courthouse 149
West Point and Secession. By General D. H. Maury 249
Reunion of Army of Northern Virginia:
Speech of Honorable A. M. Kelley 286
Speech of General M. J. Wright 288
Editorial Paragraphs 46, 95, 142, 190, 239, 290
Book Notices 47, 95