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Title The Works of J. W. von Goethe, 8
Author Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Translator Various
Editor Nathan Haskell Dole
Year 1901–1902
Publisher Francis A. Niccolls & Co.
Location London and Boston
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Volume II



A Tragedy in Five Acts

Translated by Anna Swanwick

This tragedy was commenced in the year 1775, when Goethe was twenty-six years of age—but it was not finished until eleven years later. A rough draft of the whole was made in 1782, but it was only completed and finally re-written during Goethe's residence in Rome, in 1786.

The Wayward Lover

A Pastoral Drama in Verse and in One Act

Translated by Edgar A. Bowring, C. B.

This little drama was written in the years 1767 and 1768, whilst Goethe, at the age of eighteen, was still a student at Leipsic. It commemorates his attachment to Katarina Schönkopf, the circumstances of which are illustrated by the characters of Eridon and Amina.