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The life of Dr. Samuel A. Mudd (1906).djvu


PAGE Preface, .... 11

Introduction, .... 19

I. My Father's Birthplace and Childhood — School-days, College and Home Life, .... 23

II. My Mother's Statement, .... 29

III. Continuation of my Mother's Statement; also Sworn Statement of my Father, Dr. Samuel A. Mudd, .... 40

IV. Argument of General Thomas Ewing to the Jurisdiction of the Military Commission, .... 49

V. Argument of General Ewing on the Law and the Evidence in the Case of Dr. Mudd, .... 60

VI. Prison Life at Fort Jefferson in 1865, as Told by Dr. Mudd and Others, .... 110

VII. Prison Life in 1865, Continued — Attempted Escape, as Told by my Father, .... 123

VIII. Negro Troops at Fort Jefferson, Relieved in Part by White Soldiery, .... 139

IX. Prison Life in 1866 — New Year's Day at Fort Jefferson, .... 154

X. Prison Life in 1866, Continued — Description of Fort Jefferson, .... 171

XI. Prison Life in 1866, Continued — General Sheridan Intervenes for Better Treatment of Prisoners, .... 190

XII. Prison Life in 1866, Continued — Plans for my Father's Release by Habeas Corpus Proceedings, .... 212 PAGE.

XIII. Prison Life in 1867 — Capture of John H. Sur- ratt in Egypt, and his Arrival in Washing- ton, 219

XIV. Prison Life in 1867, Continued — Booth's Diary Would Have Tended to Establish my Father's Innocence Had it Been Offered in Evidence — "Somebody Had to Suffer,", . . . 237

XV. Prison Life in 1867, Continued — Ravages of Yellow Fever — My Father Assumes Charge of the Hospital at Fort Jefferson, 257

, XVI. Prison Life in 1867, Continued — Garrison Re- duced by Deaths from Fever — My Father Free to Escape, but Chooses to Remain and Give "All the Hope and Encouragement Possible to the Death-stricken Victims" — Is Finally Himself Stricken Down, 274

XVII. Prison Life in 1867, Continued — The Scourge of Yellow Fever Being Ended, my Father is Again Put in Chains, 296

XVIII. Prison Life in 1868— The Withholding of Booth's Diary — Surratt's Release, 303

XIX. The Pardon — Home Coming — Spangler's

Statement — The Closing Scene, 318