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Weird Tales volume 31 number 02.djvu

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Cover Design Virgil Finlay
Illustrating a scene in "Frozen Beauty"
Old Cornish Litany Virgil Finlay 129
Pictorial interpretation
Frozen Beauty Seabury Quinn 131
A story of Jules de Grandin and the daring experiment of a great Russian surgeon
The Diary of Alonzo Typer William Lumley 152
What dread occult evil lurked beyond the iron door in that old mansion?
The Goddess Awakes Clifford Ball 167
A striking novelette about a roving soldier of fortune and the stone image of a gigantic cat
The Strangling Hands M. G. Moretti 194
A weird doom pursued the stealers of the eye from an idol in a jungle shrine
Haunting Columns Robert E. Howard 203
Posthumous verse by a master of weird writing
World's End Henry Kuttner 204
A weird-scientific tale of the terrible Black Doom, spawned in the heart of a meteorite
The Hairy Ones Shall Dance (part 2) Gans T. Field 212
A serial novel of a hideous horror—a tale of terror and sudden death
From Beyond H. P. Lovecraft 227
A posthumous story by a great master of fantastic literature
Ally of Stars Irene Wilde 236
The Piper from Bhutan David Bernard 232
An eery wailing floated from the old piper's hands, with starting results
The Passing of Van Mitten Claude Farrere 237
A weird yarn by a French Academician—translated by Roy Temple House
The Ghosts at Haddon-le-Green Alfred I. Tooke 240
A graveyard tale that sounds suspiciously like verse
Weird Story Reprint:
Henry S. Whitehead 241
A West Indian story from an early issue of WEIRD TALES
The Eyrie 250
A department in which the readers discuss weird tales