Ingram, Robert (1727-1804) (DNB00)

INGRAM, ROBERT, D.D. (1727–1804), divine, born at Beverley, Yorkshire, on 9 March 1726–7, was descended from the family of Henry Ingram (1616–1666), viscount Irwine in the Scottish peerage. His father had retired from business in London, and settled at Beverley soon after his marriage with Theodosia, younger daughter of Joseph Gascoigne, sometime revenue collector at Minorca. He was educated at Beverley school under John Clarke (1706–1761) [q. v.], and in 1745 was admitted to Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, where he graduated B.A. in 1749 and M.A. in 1753. In 1758 he became perpetual curate of Bredhurst, Kent, and in the following year Dr. Green, bishop of Lincoln, presented him to the small vicarage of Orston, Nottinghamshire. In 1760 he obtained the vicarage of Wormingford, Essex, where he resided till within a year of his death. He also became, through the influence of his wife's family with Dr. Terrick, bishop of London, vicar of Boxted, Essex. He died in his son's house at Seagrave, near Loughborough, Leicestershire, on 3 Aug. 1804. He married in 1759 Catherine, eldest daughter of Richard Acklom, esq., of Weireton, Nottinghamshire, and by her left two sons, Robert Acklom Ingram, B.D. [q. v.], and Rowland Ingram, who succeeded Paley as head-master of Giggleswick school.

His works are: 1. ‘An Exposition of Isaiah's Vision, chap. vi.; wherein is pointed out a strong similitude betwixt what is said in it and the infliction of punishment on the Papists, by the witnesses, Rev. xi. 6,’ London, 1784, 8vo. 2. ‘A View of the great Events of the Seventh Plague, or Period, when the Mystery of God shall be finish'd,’ Colchester, 1785, 8vo. 3. ‘Accounts of the Ten Tribes of Israel being in America, originally published by Manasseh ben Israel, with Observations thereon,’ London, 1792, 8vo.

  1. ‘A complete and uniform Explanation of the Prophecy of the Seven Vials of Wrath, or the Seven last Plagues, contained in the Revelations of St. John, chapters xv. xvi. To which is added a short Explanation of chapter xiv.; with other Revelation Prophecy interspersed and illustrated,’ 1804.

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