Instead of a Book

Instead of a Book  (1897) 
by Benjamin R. Tucker

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By a Man Too Busy to Write One





Editor of Liberty

Liberty, Not the Daughter, but the Mother of Order.Proudhon



BENJ. R. TUCKER, Publisher


For always in thine eyes, O Liberty!
Shines that high light whereby the world is saved;
And though thou slay us, we will trust in thee.
John Hay.

In abolishing rent and interest, the last vestiges of old-time slavery, the Revolution abolishes at one stroke the sword of the executioner, the seal of the magistrate, the club of the policeman, the gauge of the exciseman, the erasing-knife of the department clerks, all those insignia of Politics, which young Liberty grinds beneath her heel.


To the Memory


My Old Friend and Master


Whose Teachings were My First Source of Light
I Gratefully Dedicate this Volume


Preface, ix
State Socialism and Anarchism: How Far They Agree and Wherein They Differ, 1
The Individual, Society, and the State, 19
The Relation of the State to the Individual, 21
Contract or Organism, What's That to Us? 31
The Nature of the State, 34
A Misinterpretation of Anarchism, 38
Mr. Levy's Maximum, 40
Resistance to Taxation, 43
A Puppet for a God, 46
Mr. Perrine's Difficulties, 50
Where We Stand, 52
Tu-Whit! Tu-Whoo! 55
Rights and Duties Under Anarchy, 58
More Questions, 61
Mr. Blodgett's Final Question, 62
Trying to Be and Not to Be, 63
My Explanation, 65
A Plea for Non-Resistance, 67
Liberty and Aggression, 72
Rule or Resistance—Which? 75
The Advisability of Violence 78
Mr. Pentecost an Abettor of Government, 81
The Philosopher of the Disembodied, 82
The Woes of an Anarchist, 89
The Moral of Mr. Donisthorpe's Woes, 98
L'État est Mort; Vive l'État! 99
Voluntary Co-operation, 103
L'État, C'est l'Ennemi, 105
A Libertarian's Pet Despotisms, 115
Defensive Despotism, 116
Still in the Procrustean Bed, 116
Pinney Struggling with Procrustes, 118
A Back Town Heard From, 120
In Form a Reply, In Reality a Surrender 122
Fool Voters and Fool Editors, 125
Ergo and Presto, 126
The Right of Ownership 129
Individual Sovereignty Our Goal, 131
New Abolition and Its Nine Demands, 133
Compulsory Education Not Anarchistic, 134
Relations Between Parents and Children 136
Compulsory Education and Anarchism, 143
Children Under Anarchy, 144
Not a Decree, but a Prophecy, 146
Anarchy and Rape, 149
An Unfortunate Analogy, 150
The Boycott and Its Limit, 152
A Case Where Discussion Convinced, 153
A Spirit More Evil Than Alcohol, 154
A Word About Capital Punishment, 156
No Place for a Promise, 157
On Picket Duty, 158
Money and Interest, 175
"Who is the Somebody?" 177
Reform Made Ridiculous, 179
A Defence of Capital, 180
"The Position of William," 181
Capital's Claim to Increase, 183
A Baseless Charge, 186
Another Answer to Mr. Babcock, 189
Attention, "Apex!" 189
Usury, 190
Apex or Basis, 191
"The Position of William," 199
Economic Hodge-Podge, 200
An Unwarranted Question, 208
An Alleged Flaw in Anarchy, 209
Shall the Transfer Papers be Taxed? 212
Money and Capital, 215
To-day's View of Interest, 217
To-day's Excellent Fooling, 220
Government and Value, 222
The Power of Government Over Values, 223
Free Trade in Banking, 227
Currency and Government, 235
The Equalization of Wage and Product, 237
A False Idea of Freedom, 245
Monopoly, Communism, and Liberty, 246
Pinney His Own Procrustes, 248
Ten Questions Briefly Answered, 252
A Standard of Value a Necessity, 253
A Necessity or a Delusion—Which? 256
Anarchy's New Ally, 259
Economic Superstition, 260
A Book That is Not Milk for Babes, 262
State Banking Versus Mutual Banking, 265
Mr. Bilgram's Rejoinder, 268
Free Money, 269
Free Money First 273
Stop the Main Leak First, 274
An Indispensable Accident 276
Leland Stanford's Land Bank, 278
Mutualism in the Service of Capital, 281
Edward Atkinson's Evolution, 282
A Greenbacker in a Corner, 284
Free Money and the Cost Principle, 286
Proudhon's Bank, 287
Why Wages Should Absorb Profits, 289
A Great Idea Perverted, 290
On Picket Duty, 292
Land and Rent, 297
"The Land for the People," 299
Basic Principles of Economics: Rent, 300
Rent: Parting Words, 304
Property Under Anarchism, 309
Mere Land No Saviour for Labor, 313
Henry George's "Secondary Factors," 314
The State Socialists and Henry George, 315
Liberty and the George Theory, 316
A Criticism That Does Not Apply, 322
Land Occupancy and Its Conditions, 324
Competitive Protection, 326
Protection, and Its Relation to Rent, 328
Liberty and Land, 333
Rent, and Its Collection by Force, 337
The Distribution of Rent, 339
Economic Rent, 343
Liberty and Property, 348
Going to Pieces on the Rocks, 351
"Simplifying Government," 352
On Picket Duty, 353
Socialism, 359
Socialism: What It Is, 361
Armies That Overlap, 363
Socialism and the Lexicographers, 365
The Sin of Herbert Spencer, 370
Will Professor Sumner Choose? 371
After Freiheit, Der Sozialist, 375
State Socialism and Liberty, 377
On Picket Duty, 378
Communism, 381
General Walker and the Anarchists, 383
Herr Most on Libertas, 393
Still Avoiding the Issue, 397
Herr Most Distilled and Consumed, 401
Should Labor be Paid or Not? 403
Does Competition Mean War? 404
Competition and Monopoly Confounded, 406
On Picket Duty, 407
Methods, 409
The Power of Passive Resistance, 411
The Irish Situation in 1881, 414
The Method of Anarchy, 415
Theoretical Methods, 417
A Seed Planted, 420
The "Home Guard" Heard From, 421
Colonization, 423
Labor's New Fetich, 424
Mr. Pentecost's Belief in the Ballot, 426
A Principle of Social Therapeutics, 427
The Morality of Terrorism, 428
The Beast of Communism, 429
Time Will Tell, 434
The Facts Coming to Light, 435
Liberty and Violence, 439
Convicted by a Packed Jury, 442
Why Expect Justice from the State? 444
The Lesson of the Hour, 446
Convicted for Their Opinions, 447
To the Breach, Comrades! 448
On Picket Duty, 449
Miscellaneous, 451
The Lesson of Homestead, 453
Save Labor from Its Friends, 455
Is Frick a Soldier of Liberty? 457
Shall Strikers be Court-Martialled? 459
Census-Taking Fatal to Monopoly, 461
Anarchy Necessarily Atheistic, 463
A Fable for Malthusians, 465
Auberon Herbert and His Work, 469
Solutions of the Labor Problem, 472
Karl Marx as Friend and Foe, 476
Do the Knights of Labor Love Liberty? 480
Play-House Philanthropy, 483
Beware of Batterson! 487
A Gratifying Discovery, 489
Cases of Lamentable Longevity, 490
Spooner Memorial Resolutions, 491
On Picket Duty 493
Index, 497

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