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Instructions in Spirella corsetry

This booklet is the property
of The Spirella Company
and is furnished for the sole
use of its corsetieres. It
must be considered as
confidential information by them.

Spirella Companies

American offices and factories
Meadville, Pa.   Niagara Falls, N. Y.   Lincoln, Neb.
Foreign offices and factories
Niagara Falls, Canada Letchworth, England Dusseldorf, Germany
City offices
New York: 506 Fifth Avenue
London: 37 New Bond St., W.   266-270 Regent St., Oxford Circus, W.
Copyright, 1916, by The Spirella Company Inc.

2—Self Organization
3—Organization of Work
4—The Demonstration of the Spirella Stay
5—The Sales Talk
7—Classification of Figure Types and Conditions
8—Body Poise
9—How to Study the Spirella Catalogue
10—Preparation for Taking Body Measurements
11—How to Measure the Body
12—How to Decide Which Lacing Adjustment to Use
13—Deductions for lacing space
14—How to Select the Client's Corset from the Catalogue
15—Steps of Procedure When Order Has Been Secured
16—How to Prepare the New Corset for Adjustment
17—Delivering the Corset
18—How to Adjust, or Put the Corset on the Client
19—Spirella printed matter
20—Terms of Shipment of Goods